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MALEVOLENT CREATION Announces New Lineup; 13th Album Due In 2018


An unfinished demo song that will be included on the forthcoming 13th album from MALEVOLENT CREATION can be streamed below. The disc will feature the band’s current lineup, consisting of founding guitarist Phil Fasciana alongside new additions Lee Wollenschlaeger (vocals, guitar), Phil Cancilla (drums) and Josh L. Gibbs (bass).

Fasciana stated about MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s latest incarnation: “After receiving so many great videos and songs from singers wanting to take over the vocal position after the departure of original vocalist Bret Hoffman, I finally have found the right man for the job.

“I received a few songs from Lee Wollenschlaeger and his solo project IMPERIAL EMPIREand was so impressed that after a lot of conversations and hearing his own compositions and demos of him singing MALEVOLENT CREATION songs, I could not deny his talent.

“The demo song posted below is one of his songs that I really liked and told him we could work with his song for the next MALEVOLENT CREATION album and let people hear our new vocalist and his talent. He is also playing guitar in the band, which makes us now a four-piece.

“To prove my commitment to him that he is now the vocalist, I posted this demo song that he wrote and that is being re-recorded as we speak so he can re-write the lyrics and I can lay down a couple guitar solos for this song.

“We will be posting some more music with Lee Wollenschlaeger singing MALEVOLENT CREATION songs, and between the music i have written for the next album and his music, as well as our bassist and drummer who both write music as well, we now have a band that is dedicated to record the heaviest MALEVOLENT CREATION album yet.


Phil Fasciana – Guitar
Lee Wollenschlaeger – Vocals/Guitar
Phil Cancilla – Drums
Josh L. Gibbs – Bass

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s latest album, “Dead Man’s Path”, was released in 2015 via Century Media.





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Skinlepsy – Dissolved (Full Album, 2017)



Brasilian Thrash Metal Band Skinlepsy With Full Album !!!!

Vulture Industries – Live in Sofia 17 November – Club Live & Loud

Лунатиците Vulture Industries от Норвегия определено не извикват само едно кимване с глава, пък било то в знак на одобрение или напротив.
Фронтменът Bjørnar Nilsen, в чиято фигура прозира отличникът-чудак, който винаги е искал да седи сам на последния чин, сега е на предна линия и избухва с екстравагантни начини да изрази себе си, изкарвайки наяве онова, което се крие дълбоко в тъмните, тъмни местенца на човешкото съзнание…
Ако Bjørnar Nilsen бе избрал да стане художник, то той би бил един великолепен експресионист. В известен смисъл той е такъв и сега. Текстовете и музиката на Vulture Industries рисуват картини, всмукват те в разказа, отвличат те от ежедневието и те пращат там, където въображението ти винаги е искало да те разходи. А там, където ще ви заведе то, ще се изправите пред един мозък – мозъкът на артиста, отключил лудостта си, която ще се окаже е и вашата собствената лудост.

Distorted Reality – Affliction

METAL CHURCH – Released their new video to the song “Reset”


Metal Church -Released their new video to the song “Reset”which was taken from their latest album “XI”. This album was released last March in Rat Pak Records and debuted at 57th place on The Billboard 200 with 11,000 equivalents sold in the first week of release!