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EVIL INVADERS – Broken Dreams In Isolation (Official Video)

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“‘Broken Dreams In Isolation’ is without any doubt the song that stands out the most of our entire repertoire so far. Most of our songs tend to be fast as hell, but “Broken Dreams” is a slower one with a lot more melody and groove. It also has a cool tempo switch and one of the most touching solos ever written by Evil Invaders.

We wanted to release this track as a single a while ago, but since we weren’t entirely satisfied with the overall sound of our latest album ‘Feed Me Violence’ we thought ‘Broken Dreams In Isolation’ deserved better, so we re-recorded, re-mixed it and had it mastered at Fascination Street Studios (Arch Enemy, Kreator, Behemoth,…) to give the track the sound it deserves. The result definitely took our sound to a higher level and we hope people will really hear the difference between the previous version and the new one.

Apart from the music, the lyrics of this song tell a slightly “deeper” story than most of our lyrics, so we also needed a special video clip for this one. No band performance this time, but some darker stuff with some cool story lines. Coming up with a cool concept was a real challenge, but very exciting to be part of!
The single will be released on 7” vinyl and the B-side will be a cover track: ‘The Unholy’ of the mighty Savatage! We’re huge fans, but covering Savatage properly can be a real pain hehe! We gave the song our own touch but managed to keep the dark and wide sound of the original version. Check it out!”

Skull Fist – You belong to me (2018)

The 3rd album “Way of the Road” is out Oct.

26th Europe on NoiseArt Records Oct.

26th North America on Napalm Records Oct.

24th Asia on SPIRITUAL BEAST records

PRE ORDER from your record stores/favourite online distro or directly from the band @

SHIPS WORLDWIDE all pre orders ship 2 weeks before the release so they will arrive a few days before oct 26th and the first 200 come with free handwritten lyrics and a personalized autographed one of a kind post card.

TRACKLISTING 1. You belong to me

2. No more running

3. I am a slave

4. Witch Hunt

5. Way of the road

6. Heart of Rio

8. Dont cross me

9. Stay true.

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VIDEO BY BRANDON ROGERS and his crew Peter Colletti, Marshall Baglieri, Jeremy McCraig

LYRICS you’ve got the pleasure

to live inside my words

and I’ve got desire

to bury all the words

I’ve heard A chain reaction

brought you on my land when you spoke of action

yeah words becoming weapons

pushed into my hands and though

I cried when you burned me with the sun

but I’ll never take it back again poison that I’ve overcome

You won’t get out here alive trapped inside till you die

you belong to me she’ll never set you free eternally

but don’t believe and though I tried I’m better off alone

and you’ll never make it back again Voices are guiding me home

New Video From Драгшанъ – Философъ

Драгшанъ е солов творчески метъл проект на Тодор Александров
Язовалийски, създаден в края на 2014г. Идеята за този проекта се заражда
поради нуждата на автора да изрази себе си самостоятелно, без намесата на
други лица. Цялата концепция, композиране, запис на всички инструменти и
вокали, както и текстовете са авторски. Целта на Драгшанъ е да създава метъл
музика на български език, като метъла често е в стилистика мелодичен
блек/дет с траш, дуум, блус, рок, фолк и джаз елементи. Текстовете са
вдъхновени от философията и вътрешния свят на човека. Първата създадена
песен бива наречена "Самодива" и тя влиза във втората компилация на
DEATH METAL BULGARIAN FANS в началото на 2015г. През същата
година Драгшанъ издава съвместен сплит заедно с хасковския блек метъл
проект Project Grey. В сплита влизат песните "Днес" и "Пътища". През 2017 г.
авторът решава да обобщи творчеството си до този момент и издава първото
си EP(миниалбум) с гореспоменатите 3 песни. В настоящия момент има
подготвен нов миниалбум(ЕP),състоящ се от 6 песни,  който предстои да
излезе на бял свят на 01.09.2018г. Казва се "Философъ". Ще бъде в наличност
както в интернет така и на физически носител(СD).

Behemoth – God = Dog (Official Music Video)


Behemoth’s music video for “God = Dog”‘ from the album ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’ – out October 05 via Metal Blade Records (North America) / Nuclear Blast (Europe).

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Krisiun – Scourge of the enthroned – Demonic III (Single 2018) HD New Full Album


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