MMP – Who plays what? Could you describe yourselves in a few words…

Wanton – So, okay, Wanton is a four-headed beast consisting of Santeri Kero/Lead vocals, Eetu Ritakorpi/Drums and backing vocals, Oskari Nieminen/Guitars and backing vocals and Santeri Toivonen/doublebass.

We’re pretty different kinda people, who share the same passion for the music and that is what brings us together as a band.
MMP – How did the band get started?
Wanton – The band started in a way that I think a fair share of bands get started: A night of heavy drinking between friends! Santeri K and Eetu had an idea to start a band while drinking, and the genre was just picked there on the spot. Psychobilly, because that kind of music was rare to hear in a small city at west-coast Finland. Soon Eetu got his friend Oskari to play the guitar in the band and by a happy accident we were introduced to the doublebass player Santeri T. We started practicing after that and then played our first gig in a local pub. Since then we’ve been doing gigs and our own music.
MMP – Who writes the music?
Wanton – The songwriting is mostly by Santeri K and Santeri T, with Eetu and Oskari steadily pitching in with fresh ideas. So far all the lyrics are written by Santeri K.

MMP – Do you have any side projects?
Wanton – Everybody in Wanton has other band projects: Eetu is in a rockabilly group “Howlin’ Boozers” and a black metal group ” Hiidenhauta”, Santeri T is in a rockabilly group “Grippin’ Breeze, Oskari is in a rockabilly group “Relax Trio” and Santeri K is in a metal group “Lethal Hate”
MMP – What are your occupations outside the Wanton ?
Wanton – Outside of Wanton we’re doing pretty different things: Oskari is studying to be a teacher, Santeri T is studying to be a electrical engineer, Eetu is currently unemployed and Santeri K is a robot welder.
 MMP – Let’s talk about the Finland Psychobilly scene. What are the current bands you like?
Wanton – The psychobilly scene in Finland is getting more interesting by the minute. When we started we didn’t know many other bands, but later on we’ve met several and played with them also. More bands are starting all the time and it’s fantastic. It’s great to see an underground genre thriving in a time like this, when mainstream music is, to be perfectly honest, shittier than ever. It’s good that there are alternatives for it.
Many bands worth of mentioning, but to name a few: “Basementones”, “Night Nurse”, “Bullet Biters” and “Buzzkillz” are awesome.
MMP – Where does the name of the band come from?
Wanton – Wanton, the name of the group came from our doublebass player Santeri T. It’s an older word, you don’t hear it so often nowadays. It means someone or something that’s promiscuous, reckless and chaotic. It fits the music pretty well.
MMP – How’d you describe your sound?
Wanton – I’d describe our music as a crooked mix of old and new psychobilly, sleazy rock’n’roll, punkrock and some of the stuff has even been described as neo-billy. Hard to keep up with the terminology though! It is what it is.
MMP – What are your main musical influences?
Wanton – Musical influences come far and wide. When we started we were heavily influenced by bands like Nekromantix, The Meteors, Hank 3, Zombie Ghost Train, Melrose and the great Johnny Cash, of course. The list grows all the time. The first album was the first 14 songs we had made so it was musically all over the place. The new songs are much more thought of and little more refined, but not losing their edge in the process though.
MMP – And other influences (movies, substances, people, …. well whatever you could imagine)?
Wanton – The first album’s themes lyrically were pretty much about drinking, addictions and horror stories. Things that were natural and easy to write about at that time and pretty basic imagery that goes with the genre. That tongue-in-cheek stuff with a dark sense of humour. The new album will be a little different lyrically, topical stuff about the digital age, censorship, domestic violence, revenge stories and all that. That doesn’t mean there won’t be horror and zombies, because there bloody well is and will be. We just won’t be making the same album twice.
MMP – Please describe “psychobilly” for our readers!
Wanton – To shortly describe psychobilly to the readers, I’d say it’s the bastard child of rockabilly and punk music and attitude, who’s obsessed by horror movies and loves a good stiff drink… more often that’s considered healthy.
MMP – Have you guys ever played in another country?
Wanton – Unfortunately not yet. We’re dying to though and there have been talks about it. We sure as hell hope so and sooner the better!
MMP – Describe the diversity of fans that attend your live shows?
Wanton – It’s pretty fucking surprising actually! Younger and older people from all walks of life. Sometimes you think about your music and you think that certain kind of people don’t like or care for it, but people surprise you. It’s always great when that happens. It’s kinda easy for a punk, a metalhead or a teddyboy to like psychobilly, because there are similar elements in them.
MMP – When do you guys plan on writing any new material?
Wanton – It’s funny you should ask this, because it already is written! We made more songs this time around and picked 14 for the new album. Maybe the songs that didn’t make the cut this time turn up on another recording later, who knows. The new stuff is good and we dig the hell out of it! When I’m writing this, we’re looking for a label to release the new album on and we’re hitting the studio in October 2016. The title of the album will be “Harmageddon Get-Together” and it’ll feature a few guest performers too. We’re excited about our “second coming”!
MMP – What are the future tour plans for Wanton?
Wanton – Right now we’re focusing on making the new album and after that we’ll do all the shows we can do again! It would be great to tour abroad and meet new and interesting people. Hopefully the new album will make an impact and we’ll have the chance to do just that.
MMP – Last Words….
Wanton – Last words? Well, thanks to the Metal Madness Promotions for the attention and we encourage all you readers to listen to our music, contact us, book us for shows and order an album or a shirt even. That makes it easier for us to continue doing what we do! Stay psycho!
Written by Santeri K