Interview with – AnnaMaria

MMP – How did the band get started?

Jula: With me and myan as new members we have common friends with the twins and send us a message to become mew members this year.

Myan:I was just invited recently hehe

She:The band originally formed in Davao City at year 2018. The band is currently active now here in Luzon Area along with the new members.

MMP –What kind of music do you play?

Jula: Metal music

Luz&She: Melodic Progressive Death Metal

Myan:I play all types of music but when i write music its all METAL

MMP –How has the fan response been?

Jula: It is very unusual to them because we are all female which is very rare in the underground scene in the Philippines so theyre all exicted.


Myan:I guess they’re excited? lol

Luz:We have been seeing some positive response from people who viewed our videos and from people who supports us. And it feels amazing.

She:The people have been excited because it’s really rare to see an all female band that plays metal.

MMP –Where did the band name come from?

She: Anna Maria symbolizes a Filipina Girl because we are Filipina

Luz:Anna Maria is pretty much a Filipina name.

Myan:No idea


Jula:Jula: the twins are the oroginal member theyre the ones who knows hahaha

MMP –Introduce the band members and what instruments do you all play?

Myan: Luz on drums, She on bass, Jula on vocals and I on guitars.

MMP – Who writes the music? Lyrics?

Myan:I write the melodies, Jula on lyrics

Jula: its me

Luz: Jula writes the lyrics on our songs. Her words are pretty deep and we love it. The riffs are from Myan. She really did an amazing job with the riffs of our new compositions. My sister and i also contributes on the bass and drums lines.

She: Mostly of the riffs comes from Myan, me and Luz contributes to write the Bass and Drums Lines. Jula writes the lyrics.


MMP –And where do the lyric ideas come from?

Jula: How i write the lyrics is more of a person’s view of the society in different perspectives.

Myan: When I write lyrics its all about me and my depression.

Luz: From jula. Like i said. Her messages on our songs are real deep.

She: I think Jula write from her own experience s in life. She is a great writer. Her lyrics are deep and beautiful.

MMP –What is your view when it comes to religion

Jula: all about money and control


Luz: It depends on what you believe. Depends on your faith

She: It’s the most in demand business today.

MMP – there’s a rumor going around in the music industry. Shadows of death records will be signing you to the label and this will be your first album?

Jula: Yes it is and we are very excited!

Myan: Fuck yeah We’re lookin forward to meet them on december.

Luz: Yes! And we are so blessed to the opportunity they gave us. We just can’t wait to meet them personally and to thank them.

She: Yes we are signing a label with them.
We are very excited and greatful for them.
First album and hopefully more to come.


MMP –Do you have any side projects?

Jula: nope i dont have one im currently in focus of AnnaMaria.

Myan: I do have other bands. Grip of Sanity and Commit Arson

Luz: No. I am focus on Anna Maria.

She: No. My focus is on Anna Maria.

MMP –Who are some of your musical influences?

Jula: im into goth, progressive/djent, metalcore, death metal and bdm

Myan: I’m a classical music lover, melodic death metal, symphonic, grindcore, death metal.

Luz: Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, kataklysm, Death, and many more.

She: Amon Amarth, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Bloodbath, Kataklysm, Death,Canibal Corpse, etc.

MMP –What is the band like when you play live?

Jula: Full feme fatale!


Luz: We haven’t played live yet. But we have gigs coming up. When we are practicing, i really feel that we are starting something very unique. And i am just happy to have them on the band.

She: We haven’t played gigs yet. we are now more focus to write our original material.
We have upcoming gigs actually.

MMP –Have you girls ever played in another country?

Jula: not yet but we are looking forward!

Myan: nope

Luz: Nope. 😁

She: Nope, not yet.

MMP –How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?

Jula: as per my experience it is always a bar gig so its not always a big crowd.

Myan: Not really a big crowd. Metal is too shit here

Luz: We haven’t played on a gig yet but i think Filipino metal heads are very supportive. The important thing is we play and let them hear our music.

She: Well, it really depends. But base on my experience, the underground scene here in the Philippines is very supportive, specially in Mindanao. Even if you have a small venue, people in the underground community always shows up to support local underground bands.

MMP- what is the metal scene like in your country?

Jula: well its pretty ok it really depends on the circle haha

Myan: Shit hehe

Luz: Very supportive and amazing.

She: The underground scene here in the Philippines are extraordinary, specially the Metal Community in the south.