IRON ANGEL – The unnamed one

THE ADICTS – Picture the Scene

EUFOBIA – Graveyard (Official Music Video)



Little child was buried down, with his mother by his side Laid to rest into the ground.

Lay down little Child! Little boy with restless soul, wants to crawl back to the light, Asking mother may he go.

Lay down little Child! Mother was there to reply, to her son that he shall not Ever try to crawl outside.

Lay down Little Child! As the world out there is cold, and she’s here laid by his side While outside he’d be alone.

Lay down Little Child! Music by: I. Gemijev / Lyrics by: N. Bojakov



Shotgun – First Shots (EP, 2017)



*** ALL RIGHTS GO TO SHOTGUN *** SHOTGUN is a Thrash Metal band from Schaan, Liechtenstein TRACKLIST 01 Shotgun Blasting 00:00 02 Thrash Metal Und Dosabiar 05:00 03 Possessed By Shredding Demons 10:22 04 Kill the DJ 15:26 05 Ancient Genocide 17:55 06 Up Your Ass 23:30 ALBUM: First Shots EP RELEASED: May 29, 2017 *** SUPPORT THE BAND / BUY THE ALBUM ***