Tom Angelripper announces new Sodom line-up

The Teutonic thrash legends are now a quartet. Tom Angelripper has just announced the new line-up for the band.

The new skinsman is Husky (Asphyx, Desaster), while Frank Blackfire (ex-Kreator, Frank Blackfire, Assassin) and Yorck Segatz (Beyondition) are the new guitarists. This is Blackfire’s second stint in the band. During his previous stint, he helped Sodom record their classic albums Persecution Mania and Agent Orange as well as their live album Mortal Way Of Live.

Tom himself said that two guitarists allow for a more flexible live set and that they will put together set lists with rarely played tracks. For this line-up Tom has intentionally chosen musicians who live in Essen and are Sodom fans. He also promises that Sodom will begin writing new material as soon as possible.

The new single will be released this summer, while the new album be published spring 2019.

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