MMP – How did the band get formed?

BURNING – Sebastián (S)
The band was formed as a Heavy Metal project in early 2007, in the city of Bogotá (Colombia),
inspired by the NWOBHM. It soon became a Thrash Metal band inspired mainly by Teutonic
Thrash metal, and latinamerican Ultra Metal, due to the obscurity involved.

BURNING – David (D)
At that time, the band´s concept changed too, choosing English as the main language for our lyrics,
and directing the content and ideology to a darker and blasphemous theme.

BURNING – Ronnie (R)
There have been several line-up changes, but the idea of a true metal sound, nevertheless the
metal brands, has maintained through all those changes.

MMP – We hear a lot of speed metal in your music. Who are some of your biggest influences?

We are Metal maniacs. We breath, dream and live Metal all days, all day, so our influences are
massive. We are great followers of the NWOBHM, enjoying a lot the music of classic masterpieces
from bands like Angel Witch, Virtue, Attacker and Satan. We also love Speed Metal, being
influenced by bands such as S.D.I., Cranium, Agent Steel, Iron Angel and so.

Also, we are highly influenced by root bands like Motorhead, Venom, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,
and classic rock bands like Rainbow and Black Sabbath (mainly the R. J. Dio´s era).

Let´s not forget that we are not stranger to Punk and Hardcore sounds. In our music you could find
influences form bands like Toxic Holocaust, The Casualties and Discharge.

MMP – How has the fan response been?

We have a strong fanbase here in Colombia, even though por Metal scene isn´t the most
supportive one, but I guess that´s a worldwide phenomenon.
I think that a corner stone in our relation with fans have been the metal brotherhood we try to
keep among our closest friends and all the headbangers that follow us.

We don´t like to be like… aliens to fans and public in general. We like to share beers and chat with
all the people in shows and other events. We have fans, followers, friends, brothers and even
detractors. But we try to keep real to all of them.

MMP – how did the group come up with the name burning?