Interview with – Burning


MMP – How did the band get formed?

BURNING – Sebastián (S)
The band was formed as a Heavy Metal project in early 2007, in the city of Bogotá (Colombia),
inspired by the NWOBHM. It soon became a Thrash Metal band inspired mainly by Teutonic
Thrash metal, and latinamerican Ultra Metal, due to the obscurity involved.

BURNING – David (D)
At that time, the band´s concept changed too, choosing English as the main language for our lyrics,
and directing the content and ideology to a darker and blasphemous theme.

BURNING – Ronnie (R)
There have been several line-up changes, but the idea of a true metal sound, nevertheless the
metal brands, has maintained through all those changes.

MMP – We hear a lot of speed metal in your music. Who are some of your biggest influences?

We are Metal maniacs. We breath, dream and live Metal all days, all day, so our influences are
massive. We are great followers of the NWOBHM, enjoying a lot the music of classic masterpieces
from bands like Angel Witch, Virtue, Attacker and Satan. We also love Speed Metal, being
influenced by bands such as S.D.I., Cranium, Agent Steel, Iron Angel and so.

Also, we are highly influenced by root bands like Motorhead, Venom, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,
and classic rock bands like Rainbow and Black Sabbath (mainly the R. J. Dio´s era).

Let´s not forget that we are not stranger to Punk and Hardcore sounds. In our music you could find
influences form bands like Toxic Holocaust, The Casualties and Discharge.

MMP – How has the fan response been?


We have a strong fanbase here in Colombia, even though por Metal scene isn´t the most
supportive one, but I guess that´s a worldwide phenomenon.
I think that a corner stone in our relation with fans have been the metal brotherhood we try to
keep among our closest friends and all the headbangers that follow us.

We don´t like to be like… aliens to fans and public in general. We like to share beers and chat with
all the people in shows and other events. We have fans, followers, friends, brothers and even
detractors. But we try to keep real to all of them.

MMP – how did the group come up with the name burning?

The band´s name was inspired by a Deep Purple´s song named “Burn”. So, the line-up from the old
days decided to ad the “ING” at the end of the word to express a more aggressive attitude
regarding to society, hypocrisy and corruption, pointing exactly what they (and us!) wanted to do
with it.

MMP – Can you tell us a little bit with the music scene is like in Bogotá (Colombia), and the rest
of Colombia?

Speed and Thrash Metal have a lot of impact among the local and national Metal scene. There are
a lot of new bands and followers that support a lot of shows. Unfortunately, just a couple cities in
this country have the enough coverage to show how colombian metal really is.

On the other hand, the Metal scene in our city, Bogotá, is a little fragmented due to metal brands.
For instance, Speed Metal audience is quite different from the audience you could find in a Black
Metal show. There can be some exceptions, off course, but the tendency is that every metal genre
has a specific audience.

There are a lot of differences among colombian metalheads, but most of us (those who are real,
not pussies wanna-be) are very united and enjoy metal as fast and loud as we can. In Colombia
you can find almost all metal sub-genres you can tell, from NWOBHM to brutal death metal,
Technical Metal or Crossover Thrash Metal, you name it. We are still in the struggle of making a
very bounded scene, with metalheads 666% commited to go to shows, buy physical format and
support our bands.

MMP – Introduce the band members and what instruments do you all play?
David García – Bass and Vocals
Ronald “Ronnie” Vanegas – Guitars
Sebastián Báquiro – Drums

MMP – Who writes the music? Lyrics?

Making music in BURNING is something we do as a group. We always bring ideas to rehearsal, and
discuss them according to our interesses and tastes on Metal, always putting speed and madness

Yes, we do all the musical arrangements together. Changing riffs, putting new melodies or rhythm
here and there, anyway…

Ronnie and I usually take point on composing guitars, bass lines and tempos. Sebastián is in charge
of make the drum arrangements, including fills and adding his own mark. I am usually in charge of
the lyrics, considering I am the lead singer.

MMP –And where do the lyric ideas come from?

From everything and everywhere, Metal, movies, literature, personal experiences… But there is
something we love to do regarding to lyrics: to offend. To offend the stablished order, to offend
those who think Metal should be a soft play in the park. We use subjects such as satan, god,
blasphemies and politics in a very mocking way. We don´t care about your morality or if you really

believe in false deities. If we want to spit poison on you, we will. Metal is not correct or soft or for
wimps. Metal is a direct blast to the brain, and so are we.

MMP –What is your view when it comes to religion?

Religion is a dogma. We are against any dogma, even knowing, as we do, that any kind of
education has to do with the expression of what educator and society believes. Critical thinking
must prevail, and religion stands against any kind of liberty, any kind of responsibility towards
society. Anything can be excused with the idea of an omniscient god that has defined our destiny
even before any of us are born.

We don´t like religion, we don´t accept any fanatical or religious expression in our lives or
regarding to metal. Said that, we hate White Metal, we hate ALL RELIGIONS! Any single one of
them, no matter if you follow the jewish, catholics, christians, muslims or budist, that´s all the
same corrupted bullshit.

MMP – So you’re under this new record label Shadows of death records. Can you tell us a little
bit about the label and what future do you all hold with your upcoming albums ?

We are so proud to be a part of the S. O. D. Family. We have a lot to thank to Mr. Gale Cartwright,
the label´s owner, who has been a great support to us, and has taught a lot and helped us to
improve the way we do things in the band. We are now promoting our latest production under the
label, a Full Length album called VICTIMS OF FEAR. 7 tracks of blasphemous, speed-killing and raw
Thrash Speed Metal from Colombia. You can find it on all major digital platforms, or order a
physical copy on Pro CD.

It has been a very rewarding experience. The fact of being the only colombian band in their
rooster fills us with proud, and leads us to make a huge effort to do things right. And yes, check
our latest album VICTIMS OF FEAR. You can check it out on digital, or support the physical format
buying a CD.

We are excited with S. O. D. Records, because there are many things to learn, specially since we
have been a band that tries to be known for the music, away from any kind of favors to anyone on
musical underground industry.

MMP – Do you have any side projects?

Just me. Recently I reunited with some friends to revive an old Black Death Metal project called
Reve Mortu. It was my first big shot in Metal, so I have a special affection to that band. But, off
course, being the unofficial leader from BURNING, my responsabilities are here.

MMP –Who are some of your musical influences?

Personally, Dave Lombardo is my most significant influence.


I´m not a virtuous musician, and i´m not interested on be it. My influences come from musicians
whom play with the heart, metalheads that leave everything on stage and with the fans, despite
their technics. I must say that my style on the four strings and my singing come from Cronos
(Venom), Schmier (Destruction), Angelripper (Sodom), Cliff Burton (Old Metallica… Real Metallica!)
and Paul Baloff.

Randy Rhoads, Adrian Smith, Vinnie More and Van Halen.

MMP –What is the band like when you all play live?

When we play live, our intention is to transmit all the power of Metal on every show, on every
song and riff. We don´t talk much, we prefer to play fast as hell!

Playing live means that only Metal gathers us at the time of a gig. We have really good chemistry
on stage and we take advantage of a very clear idea of Metal.

We are madness, chaos and alcohol at full speed with no regrets! We are BURNING!

MMP – Has BURNING ever played in another country?

No, we haven´t. We are working with S. O. D. Records to take our music beyond Colombia, but for
now is just a plan. But it will happen, sooner or later.

MMP – How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?

There´s a lot of people that go to a show to see us, but we share the crowd with all the bands we
share stage with. We are brotherhood, after all.

MMP – How is the crowd response when you play?

They usually get the message we try to transmit: BANG YOUR HEAD UNTIL IT BLEEDS, HAVE SOME

MMP – What type of equipment are you using can you give us and idea on your rig setup?

I like to use a 5-piece drum set, wit 3 to five dish supports. Twin drum pedals are very important
for my style, using and Iron Cobra device. Also, I always manage Sabian B8 Pro line.

My preferences on gear goes on Dean, Fender and Jackson guitars. Also, I use analog pedal board
attached to Boss DS-1, Boss Noise Supressor, Boss Delay, and a portable ODB-3.


I am in league with Dean ML 4-stringed Bass. Also I use JOYO 6-band equalizer, Boss Bass
Overdrive ODB-3 and Electro-Harmonix Silencer (Noise Gate / Effects Loop.

MMP –What does the future hold for the band?

We´ll keep working on a lot of new music, and we´ll produce new stuff with S. O. D. Records. Also,
we are working on a videoclip, some live and rehearsal sessions on video, and shows in Colombia
and, maybe, out of the country.
To close out the end of this interview I’m going to give you a word of phrase and tell me what
this means to you?
Murder how do you feel about that Word? and what’s the message that you think it means in
society? and how does this interact with the music?

Murder is a very complex thing. Taking someone else´s life us a huge stuff. We feel awful for those
who are murdered by the military, the cops or the extreme right or left politicians. War, for
example, is about a bunch of corrupted politicians and a lot of blind thugs dressed as soldiers,
killing thousands of innocent people. We try to express all that anger in our music, considering the
history of our country. We have lived war, right next to us, in our very soil, we have seen our
people die. And that make our music more real that any other band from peaceful countries. They
know nothing about war or social violence. That´s the reason why American metal (including north
and central America) Is so enraged, so vivid, so real.