Interview with Master


MMP-At what age did you start playing music.

Paul Speckmann –  I began as a singer at the age of 14 in a local band called Whitecross!
 MMP-How did you start out as a musician.
 Paul Speckmann –  picked up a bass at 17 years old and taught myself how to play!  
MMP-What bands are you influenced by.
Paul Speckmann –  Black Sabbath, GBH, Motorhead and Iron Maiden, Di’anno era!
MMP-What year did the band start out.  
Paul Speckmann –  Master began in 1983.
MMP-How many albums do you have out & where can fans buy them.
Paul Speckmann –  over 30,  
MMP-Who all is in the band & plays what. 
Paul Speckmann –  Speckmann- bass and vocals, Pradlovsky -drums, Nejezchleba-guitars  
MMP-Where is the band located. 
Paul Speckmann –  Czech Rep 
MMP-What bands would you like to tour with. 
Paul Speckmann –  We tour with different bands every year.  
MMP-Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans out there.
Paul Speckmann –  Sure, support the underground.
MMP – Thank You Paul Speckmann