Interview with Emilio Marquez Credit DC

Emilio can you tell us more about  Performing with possessed and also with your other group with Asesino?
Performing with Possessed and Asesino is a dream come true. Jeff is a true legend and those guys are amazing musicians.
And your writing abilities on the drums does it affect you in the other group?
 This new album is sick. Asesino is a side project that needs more attention but Dino and Tony are very busy with their main projects.
Bringing another  A different technicality
to your drum playing from possessed into Asesino?
Asesino can blow up also if there was more albums and touring. Brutal band.
Yes It does affect the bands a little . I try not to but at times shows are offered on conflicting dates so that’s a challenge.
Between going to the studio and being on tour,, Rehearsing new material and so forth on?
Possessed is old school death metal while Asesino is more grind. Both have its challenges but these musicians are always pushing me talent wise which I love the challenge.
How do you  Find time between the groups and your home life?
Family 1st & bands 2nd. I don’t go out much or spend time w sports. All my time goes to the family than music. That’s a huge challenge. Wife is amazing a supportive so that really helps.
Jeff is a family man so he understands.
 When you were younger and starting playing the drums how often were you  rehearsing before you got into your  First group professionally?
 Who were some of your of  Influences on the drums?, and do you still listen to them artist and do you ever just get the urge to start playing  Along with those old  Songs?
I started at 11 years old so yes I pushed myself by spending most of my childhood practicing to all types of music. RIP NEIL,PERT!
Influences are Neil Pert, Dave Lombardo, Felix DRI, Tommy Aldridge, Clive Burr, Nicko Mcbrain , Alex Van Halen, Pete Sandoval. To name a few.
Last question do you ever write lyrics or play  Any other instruments beside the drums?, and if so do you write original material and presented to your   band members as well?
I do write music but not lyrics anymore. In my old band ENGRAVE I wrote some lyrics and music. In Possessed there is no need for me to write lyrics. Jeff writes all lyrics. Dino gives ideas or song titles and Tony does all the lyrics. Dino and I do a lot of music writing for Asesino. Dino is the riff monster. Again so lucky to be a part of it.
Possessed always is open to my ideas so yes I help on song. Writing.thank again my friend. Stay Metal \../,