Metal Brainfart Podcast Show

Metal Brainfart is a podcast created by Daro Metal and Bror Thunderhead.

After a couples of parties and drunk nights, these 2 idiots decided to try something new like a radio show, but it was just an idea.

In October, Bror came over to Stockholm for a visit at Daros place over Halloween.

At this time Daro had found a new podcast to listen to ( The Heavy Metal Hangover) and showed it to Bror.

Then these 2 guys came up with the idea for the podcast. They talked for a couple of months and recorded their first show in the beginning of February. Now the show is aired at The 1st episode sounds awful, so bad that even bands like Mayhem are going to be jealous about the raw sound. But they improved their sound and stupidity in every new episode that they scheduled for 22.02.2019 and 01.03.2019. Ther plan is to release a new episode every Monday.You can find them at:

contact them at:

Here is little information about the hosts if the show!

Code name: Daro Metal

D.O.B.: 1988.06.26

Languages: Bulagian, Serbian, English, Swedish

Religion: Atheist

Location: Stockholm

Occupation: Metal warrior and co-host at Metal brainfart podcast

Special skills: Dark, morbid, not politically correct humor and sarcasm

Specialist fields: Thrash, Speed, Death, Heavy

Favorite weapon: Turntable and Lp

Favorite bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Manowar, S.D.I., Onslaught, Sodom, Destruction, Vader, Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Hyperborea, Past Redemption, Motorhead, Overkill…… etc.

Codename: Bror Thunderhead

D.O.B: 1993.03.23

Languages: Swedish & English

Religion: Asatru

Occupation: Student and co-host at Metal brainfart podcast

Special Skills: Music writing, video gaming, reading books, spewing Star Trek facts.

Specialist field: Heavy, Power, Speed, Progressive.

Favorite weapon: The Synthesizer

Favorite bands: Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Manilla Road, Grave Digger, Helloween, Rush, Genesis, Marillion, Mike Oldfield, Zun, Motoi Sakuraba.