Ambroz – Symphonic Black Metal


The album starts with a promising intro reminding me of some church choir but in dark form yeah it`s short and I like it.

The song itself is almost 4 minutes long the sounds so good that even the listener feels it’s shorter.

The next song is called “Deconstruction Syndrome” and starts with heavy guitar riffs and a synthesizer melody, which is how you recognize Ambroz.

Honestly, the riffs themselves aren’t that complicated but sound very sweet and amazing in their dark mod and the composition is very solid and fits perfectly, I also love the atmospheric sound in some places.

The third song “Timeless Anomaly” is more based on the synthetic sound and the very heavy guitar, the vocals are also very aggressive, so I really like it, definitely perfect for my favorite song.
Tenebrae is also a very atmospheric intro, very solid and spooky, my type.

Monuments of the Deceived start with old-school thrash metal riffs filled with that big powerful synthetic sound, then the breakdown is very solid and the vocals start with their all overpowering damn Damjane.

“The Long Cold” is based on a synthetic sound and starts with war drums that remind me of the war march, and then the blast beats drive you crazy, combined with 20 seconds of brutal screams from the singer, damn it nice job.

Very solid album 9/10


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