Crisix – Army of Darkness [Official Video]

Taken from the album “Still Rising… Never Rest” out on October 13th.
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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerard Rigau at Amplifire Studio (Barcelona).


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Directed by Juli Bazooka
Cinematography by Víctor Gómez & Arnau Montfort
Production Designs by Albert Requena & Juli Bazooka
Produced by Crisix
Edited by Juli Bazooka
Color Grading / FX by Arnau Montfort & Víctor Gómez
Make Up Artist – Marc Zorrilla
Girl / Deadite – Cris Algarra
Sound Design by Pla Vinseiro
Thanks to Vidàlia Cooperativa & Pla de la Brossa




What’s this, what’s that strange sound?
Look at these evil lifeless eyes
The horror in the woods has taken…
…her body and her mind

I’ll swallow your soul!

After fighting in the pit…
…a mighty book is the only thing I need
To take from the altar the book of dead…
…you must recite the following words:

Klaatu Barada Nikto!
This is my boomstick
Klaatu Barada $&%!
Fear the dead
Hail the Army of Darkness!

Hail to the king baby!

A mistake brought back to life these skeletons
They’re rising from their graves
Hell has been unleashed, it’s a sea of bones
Damn it! I forgot the following words:


Give me back the Necronomicon x2

Give me back the Necronomicon!
Give me! The Necronomicon!
Face the face of the Army of Darkness!
I want back my Necronomicon!
I want back the book of dead!
I want it back!
Hail the Army of Darkness!

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