ENTHRALLMENT “The Angels are Reaping”

Vocals: Plamen Bakardzhiev
Guitars: Vasil Furnigov
Guitars: Nikola Ognyanov
Bass: Rumen Pavlov
Drums: Ivo Ivanov

Recorded & Mastered in MRDR Sound Studio BG https://www.facebook.com/studioofdamage/

Cover Art: More Than Gross

Released by Enthrallment



There were the pale scraggy faces of the sick
Sucked dry by diseases and soaked in misery
There was starvation, but also greed
The eternal lust for power, but only debts

The Reality of your emptiness
is you’ve always been dead inside
The void within you
is the vigorous food
sown by the angels to reap

You carry the stench and horror
the weeping and suffering
the sorrow and hunger
the shame of your inner death

All these unasked questions
for the meaning of earthly

Would make all sheeple realize
they better not be in this world

Solo: Nikola Ognyanov

Suddenly sounds and visions fill the void
with all the sadness and horror
that ignorance stabs the flesh with

I’m shocked how wonderful our Creator was
while creating such disgusting things in our world
that compared to them
murder don’t seem so evil and vile

He had mercy and excellent insight indeed
darkness will fall on all your lives
so thick even the blind would see it

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