EVIL CORPSE ‘Apocalyptic Future’ CD OUT NOW!

OBS: Poster, card and stickers for the first 250 copies.
EVIL CORPSE – Apocalyptic Future (2020)
R$20,00 + shipping
Line up:
Darkhell – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rômulo – Bass
Gabriel Zenön – Drums/ Vocals
Iury – Lead Guitar
Track list:
01. Awakening the Slaughter
02. Radiation Death
03. Infectious Desaster
04. Holocaust of Pain
05. Out Of Control
06. World Demise
07. Progressive Insanity
08. Enslaved by the System
‘Apocalyptic Future’ is a true thrash cannon, forged minuciously to blow up eardrums!
Fast, raw and straight to the point thrash metal in the likes of KREATOR, SLAYER, SLAUGHTER LORD, PROTECTOR and INVOCATOR, the brazilian four-piece debuts in great style!

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