METALLICA Collected 9 Tons of Food for Malnourished Children & Animals During Colombian Concert


Good guys Metallica!

The band just wrapped up a successful tour of Latin America, and made sure to leave the place better than when they first got there. As part of their massive Colombian show in Bogota, which saw 25,000 rabid metalheads moshing along, and the first time Doris, the mascot of their album …And Justice For All crowdsurfing in the coolest visual ever. But that wasn’t all. As part of the show, the band collected non-perishable food for starving children and animals in the La Guajira region of Colombia.

Reports Consequences of Sound:

And their audience readily gave, bringing in a staggering nine tons of food and other items through the hunger-fighting charity the Challenger Foundation and the animal wellness charity Corazones Peluditos (Furry Hearts).

A group of Metallica fans in Colombia who call themselves the Lords of Hardwire — after the band’s upcoming album — brought the initiative to the band’s attention. The indigenous Wayuu people who live in La Guajira have suffered more than 3,000 childhood deaths from malnutrition in the last eight years, and they hope to save the lives of some of the children by providing them with non-perishable foodstuffs.

I’ve said it before, and I feel like Metallica really is under-appreciated for how much they give back to metal, and in this case, society as a whole. The whole Napster debacle unfairly painted them as selfish, when they were really fighting for control of their copyright, and have since proven to be great dudes, as seen here.

Seriously, how can you hate on this?

Metallica’s new album, Hardwired comes out November 18th. Amazon has the album on sale for $9.99.

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