My report for Boban and Metal Days


So, I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start with how it all started.

In 2017, we went to Metal Days for the first time as volunteers with my wife Yana.

We were the volunteers because we were denied accreditation for my company Metal Madness Promotions that year. The reason was so stupid because they had a lot of companies and we and a few others didn’t get it, but it was ok, everything was cool.

We were at the festival, everything was cool, we spent the year, it was so damn good, meeting new friends and a lot of positive things, can anyone have that, of course, new experiences and a lot of nice moments and cool stuff 🙂

In 2018 we got the accreditation and we were at Metal Days because we talked to the dwarf monkey shaman Bober Kyrwa, also I gave a lot of contacts to many people in Sofia to do business until they screwed them over even before COVID, but that’s another story I’m not part of, just making the contact and after that, they did everything themselves 😉

Also, 2018 was very good, then I met some big faces from the metal world in the VIP area and I’m still good with them, love them, and I work with them to this day and of course, I will continue until the end of my life.
So in 2018, I talked to Bober so my band could play at Metal Days. First, he said there were way too many applications for the next two editions and I said okay I can understand that the first day was bla bla bla but after that, I was offered to pay for my slot the money I don’t have or maybe I do but to give it to someone 🙂 Nah not really but it’s okay and then I just refused P4P on New Force Stage…


And day 4 when Boban had my CD and took a picture with it we talked about something only he knows what it was 😉 and when I came home to Bulgaria and then to Sofia I got a call from Bober you know we talked I have to take your band to play because you deserve it and you do very good stuff for me with this connection for my band Strai Train or I forgot what his name was but whatever I said okay no problem.

2019 We came with my band, and everything was okay until we got ripped off about the tickets, it’s not a big deal but we have 15 tickets that were endorsed by our friends with our band name that I keep when we talked to Boban he said if they buy tickets and send them to him I will accept them as well as the new force tickets that we sell, so I think 15 tickets, so we have money from those tickets, 15 euros per ticket if I’m not mistaken, but with those 15 if he accepted we would have a lot and we would have to be last that day, but the day before we started everything was changed, we would have to play fifth and we were second, why, no idea, after Boban told me that tickets online cannot be accepted because you have 40 tickets and he knows that because people wanted to buy directly because there was no way to send those tickets to those people, but if they have the code and the email it’s normal but whatever.

In 2019 we were also the media at this edition. I played with my band and also had a lot of big interviews and everything was fine until Nika stopped eating bananas. What am I doing, why is this, bla bla bla, you know, my friend MMP is my medium so I can do whatever I want with my media, nobody can tell me :), but I decided not to make any problems and on the fourth day I stopped working and just had fun until the end of the festival. Also, they forgot to thank us for the sold-out festivals because I and a lot of idiots worked for free just to sell out the festival because this festival and this place was also our home, not just a celebration or something where you can forget it or whatever, but a place for my heart and I will never forget Tolmin, always in my heart and life <3

So why did I go to war with Bober? It’s not a war, but it’s not good to screw my friends and not return the money for the ticket refund because of Covid.

So I bring 85 new fans from Germany, where I’m from, and 55 of my friends who already bought tickets to Bober just because an idiot like me forces them to, and drive to Tolmin to feel the power of this place and the festival called Metal Days. I think that’s damn good, right? 55 people all paid for it, and 25 of them were VIP tickets.

And when Covid came, I could feel Bober too. I was bankrupt also but that`s another story.

and he continues until 2022 and still has no money back to my friends and he always finds excuses because he and Nika are not guilty, no way they are vegans, you know that 🙂 I still don’t know a guy who is from the Balkans and melted a sausage in his childhood like an idiot and meat, but if you find money from Norway you can sell your soul for a pathetic penny, but he is Bober not us, next time don’t lie to people and you guys are awesome and all festivals are in Tolmin and are only outside and yes I found your company in Austria, it’s not that hard to find out what and who you are, with love and respect FUCK YOU BOBAN from me and the Metal Madness Team

PS> Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play at your festival and meet Matej and Crt and the rest of the best people from Ljubljana, I love them and I hate you, fuck you again and this is for you, fuck you, damn it, fuck <3




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