ThrashWall – Thrashwall (Full Album, 2020)

THRASHWALL is a Thrash Metal band from Evora, Portugal


1. Intro 00:00
2. War Outside The Wall 00:57
3. Old Jail 04:43
4. Warehouse Rampage 08:06
5. World Domination 12:03
6. Mental Destruction 17:18
7. Insanity Alert 20:56
8. Mosh In The Hall 25:07

RELEASED: October 19, 2020
LABEL: Firecum Records (

Record by ThrashWall (2019-2020)
Mixed, Produced & Mastered by Miguel Tereso in DEMIGOD Recordings (2020)




Formed in 2015 in Évora, Portugal, with influences on the raw and pure sounds of Thrash Metal as a form of expression, ThrashWall was born.

In an attempt to keep the spirit and roots of Thrash alive with quick, unfiltered sounds and lyrics inspired by their own revolts and nonconformities, seeking influences from bands such as Sepultura, Slayer, Anthrax, Kreator, Megadeth and more recent sounds like Municipal Waste and Violator, ThrashWall have started on stage since April 2016, with several concerts to date, consolidating their sounds and roots.

The self-titled album “ThrashWall” represents, in graphic, written and sound form, the very meaning of what the name of the band means to us.

A barrier that filters the rotten from humanity and from various societies, in the struggle for a peaceful and conscious world.


Luís Rodrigues – Vocals
Gonçalo Branco – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Nelson Coelho – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
João Martins – Bass
Garras – Drums

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