XSUS Kindred Spirit (Official Video)

Kindred Spirit by XSUS
Recorded @XSUS studios. Guitars recorded @Studio 803 / Recording engineer: Nenad Bojković
Mix and Mastering: Luka Matković @CITADELA Sound Production Belgrade

Artwork video directed by Natalia Drepina (IG: @yourschizophrenia)
Actors: Lyubov Grinyaeva & Pavel Boldyrev

Music video by XSUS
Camera/editing: Mladen Janković
Additional footage: Dario Janošević

Band members:
Matija Janičić – vocals
Đorđe Josipović – guitars
Marko Mitrović – drums
Mladen Janković – bass

Scaling attitude is
fathoming of the divine
Force fed gratitude
I, for one, could never connive.

Sign of times
that we should repent,
and all of our melodies forlorn.
A dive to descent.

Trailing the path of gods
You’re coming off as vain.
Give out your acumen
To masses ebbing away.

Peel their souls
And you will find
A rotten core
Of sycophant.

Blinded eyes
Wilting hands
Reaching out for
the impurest.
Atoms of hysteria rushing forward.

Give me light!

Fallen angel,
Come my way
Ties that bind us,
Strong as hate.
My kindred spirit.

Broken promises
A sad and empty stare
Land devoid of guilt
You’ll know it once you’re there.

Atoms of hysteria rushing forward,
You get this nest of vipers disemboweled and slaughtered…


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