Interview With Voodoopriest

MMP-At what age did you start playing music.
VoodoPriest-I started at 15 years-old to listen Metal music.

MMP- How did you start out as a musician
VoodoPriest- At 18 years-old I’d begin to sing some songs with my first band, RTH. 

MMP- What bands are you influenced by.
VoodoPriest-  I have a lot of bands that influenced me, but I remember when I saw Max Cavalera singing. For me it was amazing. Sepultura, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.. and a lot of another ones forged my life.

 MMP- What year did the band start out.
VoodoPriest- Sincerely, at age 17.

 MMP- How many albums do you have out & where can fans buy them.
VoodoPriest- I’d sing in Torture Squad for 19 years and I sung in 6 albums. Right now I have another band, Voodoopriest and we are releasing our first full length called Mandu.

MMP-Who all is in the band & plays what.
VoodoPriest-  The Line-up is: Vitor Rodrigures (vocals) Covero (guitar) Renato De Luccas (guitar) Bruno Pompeo (bass) Edu Nicolini (drums).

MMP-Where is the band located.
VoodoPriest- The Voodoopriest is located in São Paulo, Brasil.

 MMP-What bands would you like to tour with.
VoodoPriest- With lots of band hehehe but Testament and Carcass would be great.

MMP-Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans out there.
VoodoPriest- I would like to thank you and your support. Spread the voodoo word over the world headbangers.
VITOR RODRIGUES Voodoopriest –
Thanks a lot! Greetings from Brazil…

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