Interview With Lonewolf

MMP-At what age did you start playing music?
Rikki LoneWolf-(Jens Börner, Vocals & Rythm guitar) : I started to play guitar around 17

MMP-How did you start out as a musician ?
Rikki LoneWolf-Simply listening to my favorite bands and playing air guitar in front of the mirror;) I wanted to learn to play my heroes’ songs and wanted to create own songs – so it all began:)

MMP-What bands are you influenced by?
Rikki LoneWolf-The whole german scene : Running wild, Paragon, Stormwitch, old-Helloween etc….of course the Nwobhm and also some epic stuff like Manilla Road.

MMP-What year did the band start out?  
Rikki LoneWolf-We started back in 1991 as « Walpurgis night » before changing the name into « Lonewolf » in 1992. We split up in 1996 and came back in 2000.

MMP-How many albums do you have out & where can fans buy them?  
Rikki LoneWolf-We juste released our seventh album, called « Cult of steel ». Fans can find it in some local stores and via internet on the « usual » sites, like Massacre records Nuclear Blast, Emp or E-Bay etc

MMP-Who all is in the band & plays what?
Rikki LoneWolf-Bubu : Drums, Rikki : Bass, Alex : Lead guitar and Jens : Lead vocals & rythm guitar

MMP-Where is the band located?
Rikki LoneWolf-Two of us (Alex and I) are located in Grenoble (South-east of France) and the two other (Bubu and Rikki) are located around Strasbourg (North-east of France).

MMP-What bands would you like to tour with?  
Rikki LoneWolf-Running Wild, Doro or U.D.O. for example. Or playing again with Grave Digger, Manilla Road or Powerwolf for example.

MMP-Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans out there? 
Rikki LoneWolf-I know that we have support from Russia, so I want to hail all those metalheads around ! It’s hard to come to Russia, but one day who knows ? I’d love to !

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